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What Air Conditioning can do for you.

It will give you Energy Efficient Heating & Cooling.
It will create a healthy and confortable living & working environment.
Filtered air reduces allergies such as asthma & hayfever.
Using energy efficient equipment will save you up to 66% on your energy bills.
Maintaining existing equipment reduces energy bills and prolongs the life of the units.

Reduce your carbon footprint.

Tropicool gives you peice of mind knowing:
Our products & service are of the finest quality

All of our systems are installed by fully trained professionals

All of our installations are covered by 3-5 year manufacture warranty

We have the backing of one of the worlds leading manufacturers (Daikin UK)

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Tropicool Ltd. is based in Romford, Essex.
We are an air conditioning company that is a supplier of portable and fixed installation air conditioning equipment throughout the United Kingdom.